In Trump’s Darkest Moment, Obama Arises the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Obama’s association with the occult and dark Illuminati power has been well documented by the moral media community. Right now the moral right stands in a state of danger and concern.

New reports from the Christian Defense League of Texas expose communiques from powerful Democrat operatives confirming Obama has gathered enough power to summon a Super Blood Wolf Moon. Such a horrible moon has not been seen since the evil pharaohs of Egypt pooled their magicks to best Moses in a competition of apocalyptic events.

Scientists with Space Force captured images showing that the moon has ‘mysteriously’ pulled closer to the Earth’s orbit.

Obama’s association with the Illuminati and his increase in power is obvious to the true believer. The Bible predicts that during a dark age near Earth’s end, great ‘kings’ would rise and be worshiped by their followers as gods among men.  Those who were supposed to be most loyal to President Trump are denying and forsaking him.

Everything that happens from this point on is the fault of Obama and the Democrats.  Liberal media will spread lies and try to say things like ‘Trump colluded with the Russians’ or ‘the government shutdown is power-grabbing grandstanding by a compromised president’ but the truth is Obama is inviting dark forces to have a seat in America by summoning this horrible moon upon America.

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    Erik Beckman says

    We’re so lucky that President Trump has come to bring balance to the force and vanquish the evil forces of the Democralactic Empire and their leaders Darth Vader-Ginsburg & Obama the Hut

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