Hillary Clinton Watching Over Liberal Voters on Golden Gate Bridge

Early this morning, eyewitnesses reported of Hillary Clinton manifesting over the Golden Gate Bridge with bellows of maniacal laughter and fits of rage as the crucial ‘liberal city’ of San Francisco’s voters headed to the polls for today’s November 6th midterm elections.

The video footage is absolutely shocking and is tearing through conservative moral media this November 6th election day.

According to the Christian Defense League of Texas, a moral alert went out at 6:57 am when a pro-Trump voter, wearing a MAGA hat, was driving back to Oakland to vote in his precinct.

“A car with a Trump/Pence sticker was in front of me. Suddenly, an odd otherwordly noise came from the pits of hell and then a giant cold hand of death knocked the car into the cold, churning waters below.  Hillary was the source.”

The conservative patriot immediately fled his pickup truck and escaped by helicopter.  President Trump has yet to issue a presidential alert, but moles within the gray community claim Obama and his illuminati acolytes performed dark rituals and unleashed Hillary along the western seaboards to ensure a blue wave came crashing in.

Watch Video:  Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump Voters, Knocking Them Off Golden Gate Bridge

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    Sally says

    These are truly the end times. Obama is doing sorcery. Hillary is straight out of the Revelations. The are dark hours in which we Patriots must unite and fight these supernatural liberals and their unholy power.

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