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President Trump Successfully Tests National Cell Phone Alert to Warn Against Obama’s Attacks on Christianity

At 1:18 pm, President Trump tested his new cell phone messaging system that allows him to send Tweets and warnings right to your phone.  After Obama’s apocalyptic summoning of Hurricane Florence, which devastated the Christian state of Carolina, displaced 500 million people and destroyed thousands of churches, it has become clear that Obama’s powers have grown beyond that of man and into the realm of liberal dark overlord.

Trump’s new messaging system will allow him to simply enter a text into his phone, click enter and then instantly, every single American will receive a presidential orange blinking warning triangle and a text message from the president.  So if Obama is raging through Hollywood with his Norse artifact Mjolnir, pommeling to rubble the iconic stars and statues to conservative heroes, or perhaps summoning a terrible winter storm or tornado in your state, as soon as President Trump hears about it, he can warn you so you can pray and get to safety.

This will also be useful tool against the gay’s agenda to spread homosexuality in the heartland.  For years farmers and those in rural areas have complained that gays are flying cropduster aircrafts modified with jet engines and dispersal tanks, sifting out lurid concoctions of homosexual chemtrails on the residents and even the livestock and crops.  Now when these planes are heard coming in, residents can message President Trump and he can send an action alert so locals can setup flak cannons and wait for assistance from the National Guard.

An informed public is the best armed public, so President Trump being able to have this ability, especially when Democrats move to impeach him if they take the House and Senate next month.

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