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Should Eminem Be Arrested for Killing MGK’s Career Will Killshot Diss Track?

In the rappity dapper world, a new battle is brewing between my old nemisis Eminem and some millenial who called himself MGK.

Our ebonics intern helpes translate the words and they are just brutal.

The anger of Eminem gave me flashbacks of the early 90s, where as a young beat reporter investigating how hipped hop music was destroying white suburban America I first came across this Marshall “M & M” Mathers and his new homeboys Dr Dre (who for the record has not earned an MD or PhD) and Snoop Dogg.

Back then, he was an innocent white kid from the Midwest. I could tell the lure of Satan had been cast into his soul and had him hooked by the lips. Out flowed the devils tongue whenever he opened his mouth to rap.

As I interviewed young Marshall, I prayed and asked him to turn his life around. He laughed and said he was going to do some devil lettuce wigh Snoop, then “bounced”. That was the last I saw of him.

Since then, I am sure bis music has destroyed the morality and soul of millions of young people. This poor MGK was slaughtered in that there diss tape and I am sure he, Robert, will need some prayer.

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