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God Creates Star To Protest Liberal Vote to Remove Trump’s Star from Hollywood Walk of Fame

NASA scientists were able to catch footage of God weighing in on American politics.  In this photograph, the hand of God angrily grabs a handful of cosmic dust and crushes it to form a new star.  This footage was captured just minutes after biased liberals voted to remove President Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This image shows that God truly cares about what is going on in American popular culture by giving a clear sign.  The creation of the cosmic star shows that religious and moral authority has had enough liberal hypocrisy.  Even liberal jester Jimmy Kimmel has joined Republicans in expressing outrage over the heinous disrespect to the president.

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Instead of paying for 24/7 security to protect Trump’s Hollywood Star like the British would do for their royal family, Hollywood instead has caved to the will of Obama-antifa acolytes who desecrated the star President Trump earned by years of hard work in the entertainment business.


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