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Obama Using Black Magic to Infect Millions with Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a psychological medical condition in which the victims suffer an irrationally intense dislike of President Donald Trump. Medical professionals cite symptoms of the disease include: mythomania (pathological lying), intense bouts of homosexuality, hypermelanosis, and inexplicable psychological dislike of the word ‘Trump’.

Obama uses his black magic to conjure the word ‘Trump’ and cast a dark spell that leads to what moral medical professionals now recognize as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Symptoms shown in those infected may include mythomania (pathological lying), intense homosexuality, hypermelanosis, and inexplicable psychological dislike of the word ‘Trump’.

Exactly on year ago, Washington insiders leaked information to members of the moral media community.  Explosive reports of that information showed Obama went to Egypt and discovered ancient cuneiform scripts that allowed him to cast mind-altering spells.  Obama then ordered Clinton, Soros and liberal media giants to organize massive rallies where ‘upon my breath and conjurations, America will turn against the word Trump’.

Members of the moral media community launched a campaign of investigative journalism and found that more and more people are turning against Trump.  Analysis of disenfranchised Americans infected by Obama showed they have an unhealthy addiction to lefty social media sites and inexplicable desire to launch into a tirade of curse words every time they see or hear the letters ‘TRUMP’ together.

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Scientists working closely with officials from the Christian Defender League of Texas warn Americans to beware the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Anyone can be infected and even intense prayer sessions have shown a low-success rate of converting anyone back to morality once they have listened to Barack Obama or one of his acolytes for any length of time.

Officials with the CDL warn US citizens to avoid social media, to cover the eyes and ears of their family and run away from any situation where ‘scientists’ or friends are sounding too liberal and especially if they see a friend who was once moral showing signs of paganism, social leaning, homosexuality, getting tattoos or suddenly disliking Trump.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is working hard to help the moral media community and conservative scientists to help spread the word on Trump Derangement Syndrome.  We first classified this disease a year ago and now it is finally becoming public knowledge.

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