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Obama Performs Rite of Mars Blood Moon To Hand Satan Control of The World

Officials with NASA confirmed the lining of the cosmos:  the planet Mars was visible in the Earth’s sky.  And to it’s right, the longest lunar blood moon eclipsed the sky, making the planet Mars burn a wrath red into all eyes who looked upon it.

[adinserter block=”1″]Obama has fulfilled prophesy found in an ancient Sumerian text:  “On a night when a man shall look into the sky to see a planet crimson upon gules, a sarcophagus shall emerge from the great hidden pyramid of Egypt.  This will mark the rise of the Boethiah sons of O-B-A-M-A.  They shall drink upon the blood of his ancestors and gain eternal life, service out the will of their dark lord in the 2018 elections”

Religious scholars understand that Mars is also called Ares in ancient text.  Ares was an ancient fallen angel who specialized in war.  Obama’s fascination with sending NASA to Mars to obtain water and map its precise gravity all has ties in the ancient occult and obtaining the powers of Ares himself.

It is said that Ares was only third in command to Satan and as such, with his power Obama could easily rule over a good portion of mankind.  untitled

Religious scholars have prophesied that the Martian super bloodmoon would truly be the ‘end of Earth’ and they are correct.  Liberals are celebrating today and being mockers, claiming that the Earth will not go up in a fiery explosion of destruction that ends humanity, but liberals do not realize Satan does not want the Earth physically destroyed.  Satan wants the Earth morally destroyed.

The Reagan Prophesy

The last super Martian blood moon took place in 1982.  A man by the name of Ronald Reagan had only started his first term as president and was not going to let the Satan unleash communism and have lease upon the world’s greatest Christian economy.

During the blood moon of 1982, Reagan and the nation’s greatest prayer warriors prayed for 24 hours straight to ward of Satan’s attempt to take control of America and the rest of humanity.

Ronald Reagan lead the greatest Christian pastors and leaders in an unprecedented 24-hour long prayer binge in the halls of the US capitol.  Reports reveal that Satan tried to scare America with earthquakes, blizzards and even a wayward Russian nuclear submarine that day, but Reagan refused to leave his prayer post and allow some democrat perform the rite of the super blood moon, which has to be performed in the seat of the greatest nation’s capitol.

Obama’s entire presidency has lead to tonight:  09/27/2015.  The entire reason Obama ran for president was so that tonight he could hand control of the world over to Satan, by accepting the rite of the super blood moon ascension.

If Obama fails tonight, Satan will try to arise again with the ultimate blood moon in year 2033 (2 o 33) = 2 times 3 3’s which = 2 x 3, 2 x 3, 2 x 3 which = 6 6 6.

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