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Is It Time For America To Invade the Kingdom of Wakanda?

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Yesterday, new reports of a powerful secret Obama-nation surfaced on Facebook.  Countless American newsgroups reported that there is a new nation named Wakanda that has advanced alien spacecrafts, genetically altered Egyptian pharaoh God-kings with the strength of a panther and even worse, they have operatives in America who are hellbent on destroying democracy and building a new kingdom.

[adinserter block=”1]Eyewitnesses confirm that Wakanda has remained hidden away from years, gaining major power and global interest after their prophesied rise of Obama.   Obama’s supernatural abilities and intense fascination with ancient artifacts is well-documented by conservative news outlets but has always posed one major question amongst Christian scholars:  how?

The answer is now clear.  Operatives planted deep within the Democratic party found that George Soros’ source of wealth is actually the kingdom of Wakanda, where Obama serves as the patriarch of a powerful lineage of metahumans who consume purple flowers irradiated by an ancient asteroid composed of a radioactive alien metal Africans call vibranium.

This fact easily explains the amazing powers Obama demonstrated during his presidency.  Defectors from Wakanda leaked that in Wakanda, the O-bama namesake is being carried on by Barack Obama’s secret son, who is named ‘T’challa’, which roughly translates to ‘he who will destroy America and reign in a new age of liberal darkness.’

Obama is softening the Western world so that when his son becomes of age, he will have an easy time forcing nations to bow to his will.  Various conservative pages on on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have managed to find evidence of Wakandan operatives:

T’Challa Is Obama’s Secret Son

A visual glance shows T’challa looks just like Obama.  The suit he wears gives him the ability to turn into a walking panther, able to jump 50 feet in the air and ‘able to take out a legion of Soviet special forces in ten minutes’.  The EU reports the the mjolnir artifact that Obama wielded in the early aughts may have actually been stolen by T’Challa as a right of passage to Wakanda’s throne.

Obama City, Wakanda

A defector from Wakanda shared the above undated image with the Christian Defense League of Texas.  A Wakandan airplane, which looks more like a space ship, is landing in their capital named Obama City.

Warrior Class Wakandan Females 

For years news analysts marveled at the sheer physicality of Michelle Obama.  Her impressive physique and stature is akin to an Amazonian warrior of lore and the image above shows that Wakanda has a warrior class.  Though Michelle Obama posed as Obama’s wife, it is actually more likely she is his closest bodyguard.

Wakandan warrior females carry a staff weapon capable of firing energy bursts strong enough to wipe out Sherman tanks, they carry smaller hand weapons called Bat’leths and can allegedly heal from bodily injuries in a matter of hours.

The CDL of Texas has petitioned US Congress “as the United States must consider the nation of Wakanda as a threat to democracy.  With such an advanced nation at his command with his son T’challa as his general, Obama’s plans to rule America are coming to fruition.”



Funded by Soros and Obama.  Ancient artifacts stolen by Obama (Mjolinir, yada yada powering their technology)

Short List including Obama pharaoh god stuff include

Mjolnir, Obama stonehenge, t’challa is obama’s secret son,

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