Trump’s Policies Help Natives Discover 210,000 Gallons of Oil at Keystone Pipeline South Dakota

For over a year, Native Americans who lived near the formerly proposed Keystone Pipeline site in South Dakota protested due to fear that the pipeline would somehow contaminate sacred land that also served as a water supply.

President Obama sided with the natives, but once taking office, President Trump applauded counter-protests which saw the natives having water cannons and other maladies hurled toward them.

The wisdom of President Trump’s executive order to allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built was realized yesterday when from the ground, over 210,000 gallons of crude oil exploded and covered everything, smothering plants, animals and getting back down into the water supply.

Eyewitnesses report that the display of oil was so much and so beautiful that if it had been in Iraq or some other lesser country, President Trump would have been encouraged to invade and ‘bring some freedom’ so we could get our hands on all that oil.

Trump’s wisdom has helped the natives realize the bountiful wealth that sits beneath their land.  A little pollution and contamination is fine if the end-result is a wealth of oil.

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    doug f says

    Nice spin on a pipeline leak.

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