Should Donald Trump Pardon Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin To Turn The Other Cheek for Minorities and Bring Peace and Unity to Humanity?

Now that President Donald Trump has allowed the healing to take place and turned the other cheek for the Hispanic community by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio for assuming all people with Mexican features were illegals, it is time to ask an important question: where else can President Trump help angry minorities find peace in events past?

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[adinserter block=”1″]A good starting point would be the powerful figures behind World War II, Hitler and Stalin.  During WWII, fine people fought on both side of the little spat.  Hostilities were exchanged and tempers flared, but at the end of the day, the greatest generation decided to agree to disagree and sign the Paris Peace Treaties.

But in America, there is still just such hostility for the German axis powers:  war games are made after them, so angry children can vet frustration by pelting down some poorly pixelated NAZI-soldier on Medal of Honor or Call of Duty.  Movies are constantly made that make the German war machine a laughing-stock, with the animators of South Park depicting the former German leader as a gay man in hell getting pineapples shoved up his engen arsch at Satan’s luau.

[adinserter block=”3″]Trump is clearly a man who lives by the Golden Rule:  treat others as you like to be treated, and even more so, turn the other cheek.  It is a time for healing in America.  There are good and bad people on all sides of the coin.  By pardoning the likes of Arpaio, Stalin, Hitler and then perhaps even Chairman Mao, the entire confederate army and the South African apartheid government, these things will help minorities not feel like they have to constantly make movies about the woes of WWII and protest at every turn just because there were some slight technical differences of opinion in the past that have all been worked out just fine now.


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    Dennis Dalton says

    When I wrote this op-ed I really hope it would reach out and touch some harts that needed healing. All the media hoopla over the nice monuments being torn down last week reopened old wounds that everyone had forgotten about for a long time, so hopefully this just helps everyone settle it down and get back to normal.

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