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Obama Uses His Apopalytic Ra Powers to Cast Hurricane Harvey Over Texas

Barack Obama is using his new apocalyptic powers of Ra to cast an unprecedented hurricane of magical lightning and zephyrs of darkness upon the great state of Texas.

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Scientists with NWS have frantically rushed to gather data on what they are calling Hurricane Henry.

Eyewitneeses report the rainfall from the storm is stinging the flesh of everything in its path and wild displays of tree tearing winds, lightning strikes, floods, hail and intense photonic homosexuality (rainbows) are being left in the storm’s wake.

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The Christian Defense League of Texas sent a weather truck to the eye of the storm and confirmed the visage of Barack Obama could be seen swirling within the dark clouds.

Analysts with the CDL speculate that the hurricane attack is a renewal of Obama’s Jade Helm mandate for Texas. In 2015, Obama invaded Texas to kidnap George W Bush, wage war on Christians and then use the Mexican border state as the seat of his new kingdom.

Residents of Texas are being warned to either flee the area or follow advice of the CDL. Men who get caught in the storms rain are coming down with homosexuality, suggesting Obama may have added homosexual chemtrails to the blistering skin searing rains.

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