Is Obama Using His Black Magic To Make President Trump Look Bad?

With all his staff vexed with infighting, all his campaign promises cursed to failure and now his approval ratings down to 33%, it is obvious that President Trump is the latest victim of Barack Obama’s black magic.

[adinserter block=”1″]The fact that Obama was born in Kenya is well-known to the Republican media community, but the ancient cult of O-bama and his pagan Egyptian ancestry is oft overlooked. Moles embedded within the former Obama administration tell of wild late-night Illuminati ritual parties where people dressed in apocalyptic bodies would descend into ancient recesses of the White House basement, to only emerge wild-eyed and chanting in ancient tongues that seemed to be followed by calamity and chaos for America:  the passage of universal gay marriage, a decline in Christianity, unprecedented earthquakes in moral states like Kansas and Oklahoma.

[adinserter block=”3″]Insiders reveal that Obama spent a tenuous amount of time researching the human brain, recruiting the world’s best scientists to help him understand how to break down the components of the human psyche.  When mixed with his powers derived from ancient artifacts, pharaoh god-king ancestry and dark deals made to destroy Christianity, he is able to conjure up spells and rain tyranny upon the lives of anyone who draws his ire.  Unfortunately, the following image shows that Obama is refocusing his wrath upon President Trump:


With a smile and a wave of his hands, Obama chants in ancient-Coptic and summons the letters T-R-U-M-P in a field of runed smoke gules.  This spell being cast by Obama allows him to rain tyranny and chaos upon the name that comes from his lips and is held in his hands.  Note the small Sun behind President Trump’s name, indicating that this spell is derived from the false god (fallen angel) RA of ancient Egypt.  Obama’s RA spells will be at their most powerful on August 21st, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse.

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Obama’s mastery of dark sciences is to blame for all of Trump’s woes and legislative failures, and it will all only get worse when Obama’s powers reach their maximum during the August 21st, 2017, solar eclipse.  Ancient Egyptologists speculate Obama will be ‘as powerful as RA was described in ancient texts’, meaning he will walk the Earth for a day as a living god.  The Christian Defense League of Texas is encouraging Christians to face toward Washington DC and unleash torrents of prayers that will help shroud Trump from Obama’s RA magic, so that bills designed to destroy healthcare for 22 million people and further destruction of Civil Rights for minorities can take place without some black magic stopping it all.

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Confirmed: All of President Trump’s legislative failures have been caused by Barack Obama’s Kenyan magic, which will only become worse when he completes the Rite of Ra’s Throne ceremony during the August 21st solar eclipse.

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