Disgusting: Michelle Obama Wears Form Fitting Dress That Shows Curves To Final State Dinner

In my duties to investigate cultural morality in America, I almost failed to report on the rude, disgusting and downright inappropriate form-fitting dress that Michelle Obama wore to her final state dinner as the First Lady of the United States.

Isn’t this woman a mother? It is really reprehensible that she thinks a dress that fits the female form in such ways is a good example to young woman out there. If you look closely you can see how the dress hugs her thighs and reveals all the mammalian sins that should only be for the eyes of her husband Barack Obama. What sort of man would let his woman leave the house in such a dress that should be wrinkled up on the floor of a Vegas brothel after enough $20 bills were thrown!

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama walk to North Portico at the White House to greet Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnese Landini, for a State Dinner at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. The first lady is wearing a floor length, rose gold chainmail gown designed by Atelier Versace. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)I apologize that I’m removing myself from appropriate editorial format and writing from the heart this time, but this is where we as a nation must draw the line.

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Those poor men-at-arms in the back are having their young eyes perverted.  This is a classic case of the old cougar trying to use her form and power to tantalize.  Why is it that when Democrats gain power, it is suddenly nothing but sensuality and lust in the White House.  If Hillary Clinton would have won the last elections, there is no doubt there would have been Cabana Boys under the desk in the Oval Office and Bill would have gladly paraded around in daisy dukes, trying to lure some young female intern with his millionaire thighs.

No matter if you voted for the president-elect or not, let us be happy that the future first lady is setting a great example for young woman everywhere.  The incoming family is a tale of class and regal prowess that the United States has sorely missed over the last 8 years.  The Queen of England must be elated that a proper lady who knows how to dress in tasteful fashion will soon be her guest at state dinners.

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This whole the first-lady dressing like Beyonce getting ready to give a lapped dance is coming to an end and I am for one grateful, just like every parent raising a young lady should be in the coming years.



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  1. Reply
    Jamie G says

    I remember having to cover my husband’s eyes one time that Beyonce came on the tv during a sports game. She was revealing all her ethnicity with curves and skin all out for show. How embarassing her and Michelle Obama think its appropriate to parade around in lingerie.

    I’m so happy for our future FLOTUS because Melania you can just see the way she carries herself she is going to bring a class that hasn’t been there since Laura Bush.

    • Reply
      Ryan says

      You are e a horrible human and you’re also disgustingly ignorant. ‘Revealing all her ethnicity’?!! Get a grip. Better yet… Lock yourself away in a cave or barn for the rest of your life. You would likely feel right at home.



    • Reply
      Denise says

      You gotta be fu*king kidding right?

  2. Reply
    Trenton says

    What is she going to her high school prom? My daughter tried to buy a dress just like this at Walmart for her senior dance and her mom and I said ‘No!’ because it was not fitting a lady. This is why if you saw the headlines her daughter was twerking marijuana and everything else her first day of college. Shaking my head, what a joke. Thank goodness that a new sheriff will be in town soon enough.

    • Reply
      bbwold says

      Do you really think Michelle Obama does her shopping at your local Wal-mart?

  3. Reply
    Kate R says

    Is there something wrong with shopping at an American store now? If you don’t like it, too bad, because all labels will say ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ just like they did when Reagan was in office.

    You liberals cannot understand how it all works. Let me break it down because I know your liberal ‘arts’ education does not cover anything worthwhile. It is called “Laissez faire’ economics. Do you even know what that means?

    Donald Trump does, that is why he is a billionaire and now a president of the greatest nation on Earth. Laissez Faire means when you invest in American business and force all the traitor companies to stay in this country, and then slap fat fines on foreign countries, that the money will form just like rain in the upper atmosphere.

    Can you understand that analogy you left wing sheep? When there is too much rain in the atmosphere, what happens? I’ll give you a second.

    It rains! It rains on everyone. This is how ‘laissez faire’ works, it means the government leaves their hands off business and don’t tax them. Let them thrive. Then when all that money is floating on top, it flows down to the workers and the economy. It trickles down (that is how you will hear them say it on rags like CNN) and just like in the 1980s, Big America will be back because our businesses will be back.

    How many companies did Obama have to bail out? Tons. That is his fault because democrats tax too much and punish businesses for being strong.

    • Reply
      Samantha says

      Using Laissez Faire and force in the same sentence is a little contrary, no? I’m always open to different points of view but do you really believe degrading whoever is reading your comment is the way to get your point across?

  4. Reply
    Sean Mallory says

    This is just an example of extremes. Michelle Obama is there flaunting her body and curves around like Jezebel, but you could never imagine Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush doing this.

    I’m so happy Melania Trump is coming into office so that my daughters have a respectable role model to look toward.

    • Reply
      kaykayn.a. says

      Are you kidding me ! ? Your condemning Michelle Obama and saying Melania Trump is a role model ? How do you justify Melania posing nude with other women ? Posing nude period! What about all her pictures with her lingerie on..you have got to be kidding me! Michelle Obama has more class in her pinkie toe , than Melania will ever hope to have . .

    • Reply
      Samantha says

      You know Melania Trump has posed nude right? Michelle looks stunning and as a very successful 26yr old I’m happy to look ‘toward’ her.

  5. Reply
    Lakeitha C. Cooper says

    Ok..you guys are upset about a dress that covers her body? But not upset about Melania Trump posing nude on many occasions? How do you defend that thinking?

    • Reply
      William says

      Liberals are judgmental hypocrites. Melania celebrated the human form in her younger days. What is wrong with that? Now she is older and a mother. Look how she carries herself like a true lady. You won’t see our new first lady hulking around in sleeveless and backless dresses, shaking Queen Elizabeth’s hands without gloves. How rude.

      • Reply
        Samantha says

        Can I get odds on that?

  6. Reply
    Paul says

    Wow, are you a prude. My guess is that you wear tops that button up to your throat, think sex is dirty and don’t like afro-americans. Michelle Obama is a great ideal for all women to emulate. Wearing clothing that emphasizes a woman’s body is a wonderful acceptance of who she is as a person. You think Melania is a classy lady. Are you kidding me? She is so unclassy that she won’t even live in the White House. People go crazy over Colin Kaepernick kneeling at a football game but think her snub of our American symbol of Democracy is just fine. Your criticism of Michelle is just a reminder of how a shriveled up old prune looks at the world.

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