Trump Supporters Accidentally Boycott Black Friday, Miss Hundreds of Great Deals

Mistaking Black Friday for a holiday created by the radical BLM movement, thousands of Trump supporters are now irrate after finding Black Friday is actually still the day where one can save hundreds of dollars off the typical retail price of merchandise such as electronics, housewares and clothing.

[adinserter block=”3″]Last week some liberal conspirators allegedly started a viral email campaign that contained a meme saying ‘Black Friday is BLM Christmas’. The meme implied that Obama created a law saying Black Friday was a day where retailers ‘were allowed to give discounts to people of brown color, to receive a tax-writeoff come next year’.

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Today, another email went out with the same meme, with a redactive statement of ‘Gotcha!’ seems to have been sent out around 11am EST.

Angry Protesters

Gator O’Malley, of Snellville, Georgia, took off work for Black Friday and planned to protest with his family at the local Wal-mart.

iceland-protest“My heart was broken when I saw my neighbor Karen and her kin carrying out two 50 inch Vizio tvs. I asked them if they heard that Obama was giving black people discounts, but then she told me she got them both for $179.99. It was then I realized thosed damned Obama liberals got me again!”

Thousands of others like O’Malley are now flocking to social media to confirm they were tricked and received the ‘Gotcha!’ redactive email, but well after 11am when most of the good Black Friday items have already been sold.

This is the second boycott that has tbackfired on Trump supporters in the span of two-weeks, with Starbucks still reeling in profits following the #Trump boycot.

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    Dustin says

    This was one final middle finger from Obama’s people to us true Americans . Smh

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