Hillary Clinton Strikes Oklahoma with 5.0 Earthquake For Voting Trump

Just one day before the 2016 presidential elections, Hillary Clinton has struck the heart of the Bible belt with a 5.0 earthquake that devastated Oklahoma and was felt as far away as Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri.

Scientists with the National Weather Service were shocked at the unprecedented earthquake, citing that there was no natural cause or reason for the quake whose epicienter was in the town of Cushing, Oklahoma, which yesterday a commentator on the New York Times reported as ‘Trump central’.

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Only moments after that comment was made and a poll revealed that Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Clinton could help Trump, the earthquake struck.

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GOP strategists fear that this is proof that Hillary Clinton may already be in control of Obama’s HAARP machine, an advanced weather-controlling technology that can cause bursts of strong winds, tropical storms and ‘crumbling of tectonic plates’.

The last time the machine was put into use was during Obama’s Jade Helm invasion of Texas, where he used it to cause tropical storms, tornadoes and earthquakes to break Texas’ resolve to stand against gay marriage.

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    Christian says

    Seriously – how crazy are ypu people

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