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Lord of the Flies: Fly Lands On Hillary Clinton To Signal America’s Doom

During the 2016 presidential debate, the spirit of evil manifested upon Hillary Clinton as she officially took on the mantle the Lord of the Flies.
Donald Trump stands as moral America’s last hope of restoring America to a great country of values, morality and conservatism. ¬†Right before Hillary Clinton unleashed a furious attack against Trump for his locker room talk, a fly landed upon her countenance.

While liberal media will try to spin the story as natural, those learned in the ways of the Illuminati and the dark forces wielded by Obama know the significance of this moment.

130125obama[adinserter block=”3″]Obama has officially handed his Satanic power and ability to Hillary Clinton.

In 2009, religious scholars shuddered when Obama fulfilled ancient Sumerian prophecy by having a fly land on him as he made proclamations before a global audience.

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The Lord of the Flies, also known as the great tormentor, is the very same dark force that has been present through the entire history of humanity.

Clinton seeks to lead America down a dark path opened by Barack Obama. ¬†Media has documented all the ways Obama has lead America to the brink of liberal darkness, and now, he is leaving Hillary to build a kingdom upon the smoldered ashes of America’s fallen morality.

Hillary Clinton, Lord of the Flies.

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