Obama Performs Rite of Black Moon To Hand Satan Control of the World

Obama has completed the rite of ascension for Satan in the darkest hours of mankind.

With the end of his dark reign of nigh, Obama plans to fulfill ancient prophecy by performing a ritual that will make the night sky turn completely gules, a ritual that gives Satan official control of the presidency of the United States of America. Obama knows his age of liberal darkness is coming to an end, so wants to do every thing possible to destroy the remnants of American values, Christian heritage and moral conservatism that make America great.

[adinserter block=”3″]For years the scientific community remained confused at how a moon could turn black. Ancient texts report that right before the sudden fall of ancient Pompeii and Atlantis. Restored Roman texts describe how these lost great cities were ‘suddenly swallowed by the gullet of Pluto [Satan] himself’.

During Obama’s presidency, there have already been two black moons. Before this, one would have to look at ancient history to find a record of a black moon. Global leaders stand in fear at what Obama’s third black moon means for their nations. The Russian Times — the official state newspaper of Russia — is warning citizens to prepare for a possible ‘end of days’ scenario, as Obama is preparing to unveil his ‘full dark power’ to all of mankind.  Religious scholars report that the black moon is the end of Earth and they are correct.


According to ancient Sumerian text: ‘In the nights when the powerful dark leader prepares his farewell to the world’s most powerful people, Satan will attempt to arise in the night sky. His form will be that of a blackened moon. His rite of ascension can only be carried out by the leader of the people, in the darkest hours gules’.

This text clearly references Obama and his rise to power, the remains of morality and conservatism smoldering at his feet.



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    Tammie Dowlearn says


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      Monado says

      You’re off your meds, dear.
      This is heavy satire.

    • Reply
      Jonathan Charles Gee says

      What purpose? To teach you proper English and grammar?

    • Reply
      Caroline says

      You are ignorant so a racist hitler with no experience that loves Russia and has told you nothing of any solid policy other than building a wall that won’t happen is gonna sAve the world!? Really? He doesn’t even pay taxes, can’t debate his wife is a lesbian porn star and his
      own party doesn’t support him. You’re dumb as fuck

    • Reply
      Richard says

      Tell me please, what is a letch worm? BTW, do you have to YELL, or is your caps lock stuck?

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    Hailey Sangren says

    What makes stuff like this scary is that there are so many people who will believe what they’ve read.

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    Jamie G says

    It just breaks my heart that our country has come to this. I remember crying the night that this nation sold its soul and allowed Barack HUSSEIN Obama to become the president.

    It started with him destroying our faith and allowing gays to get married and the lazy (sin of sloth look it up) to get healthy without even working. But now look he even invites Satan to look on our families while we sleep at night I PRAY Donald Trump can get into office and just reverse all this.

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      Beckman says

      Seriously? It’s amazing that there are still people like you who believe this garbage and even worse that you have a vote and that you’re gonna use it on that horse’s ass who is much worse on a good day than Obama’s very worst. It must really suck being so ignorant that you believe any charlatan that comes along and to
      live in such fear of anyone even slightly different than you that you still state his middle name like it’s your closing argument in some BS argument. Good luck tying your shoes tomorrow to go handle snakes. God what a pathetic excuse for a human being.

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      Monado says

      You do know that this is satire, right? President Obama is more Christian than you are if you support an apostate lecher and adulterer like Trump.

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        John Prager says

        President Obama is more Christian than you are LMAO now that’s good satire.

    • Reply
      Tai says

      Does it hurt Jaime? Your stupidity?

    • Reply
      Cupcake says

      Wow…your an idiot..

    • Reply
      ignacio says

      hahahahaha you are so pathetic

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      Teresa says

      Uh, Jamie, just a couple things.

      I am not Obama’s greatest fan, but are you saying he destroyed your faith by allowing gays to marry? If so, it does not seem your faith was very strong to begin with.

      Also, churches still operate in every city, and don’t have to pay taxes, and can preach whatever they want — and people still attend them openly, without being tortured or killed. Several Christian holidays are federal holidays. And it is all but impossible to be elected if you are any other religion or an athiest.

      You might want to check and see what Christians’ lives are like in China, Iran or Syria. You might actually feel grateful!!

      In terms of Obamacare, yes, it is falling apart now. But mine is one of many lives that were saved because of it.

      It would be very hard to get Obamacare without working. It is not free, and it still requires you to pay a monthly premium, even though if your salary is on the low end, you get a discount.

      You have to have an income to get Obamacare. If your income is extremely low, or you don’t have one, Obamacare puts you on your state’s Medicare — if you are living in one of about half the states that expanded Medicare for this purpose.

      If you don’t live in one of those states, you don’t get any health care. Maybe you have never thought of this, but often people don’t work because they ARE sick. They might have schizophrenia or bipolar, and have delusions or see hallucinations. They may have autism. They may have Lupus, which can cause pneumonia one day and vomiting the next, and can even cause psychosis. They may be in treatment for cancer or leukemia, or be on dialysis for kidney disease.

      The funny thing is, many people have these conditions but are able to have jobs if they have medication. If they have no insurance or medication, their condition will get worse and they will become too sick to work. And people will complain about them. I think that is pretty ironic!

      Anyway, I was born with an illness I did not cause that requires medication that I could never afford to pay cash for. If Trump is elected I will lose Obamacare. I will become much sicker and there is a chance I will die. It is not like a broken leg I can go to the ER for. I need ongoing treatment for a condition that is potentially fatal.

      I know you don’t care if I die. Even though before I became disabled I worked a professional job for 30 years. But I am not working now, so I am not of value in our society.

      Personally, I am very afraid with how cavalier Trump has been about using nuclear weapons, or saying he will, which is very dangerous. I agree with many people that it is very likely he will cause a nuclear war.

      But he didn’t give gays the right to get married, and that is much, much worse.

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        Jamie G says

        Say what you want but we all know that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is going to drive us all to HELL. He brought gays into our homes and is forcing us to marry them. Soon we shall all be in gay marrige sin together. Dogs and cats, living together against the way of nature.

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          Beckma says

          Jamie, were dropped on your head as a child… OR SPIKED! Please I beg you show me one case where Obama forced someone to marry a gay person. Just one. Also we’re all really impressed you can spell the president’s full name with your 3rd grade education but you’re overdoing it dear. A name is a name. I’m sure I could find evidence of murderers named Jamie. That doesn’t mean you’re In any way connected with them. Also dogs and cats living together… are you effing kidding me? When you were spiked as a child, I’m willing to bet it was in the most shallow end of the gene pool. You realize plenty of very Christian people have both cats and dogs. It in no way has anything to do with the apocalypse. It’s really kind of troubling that you believe this garbage and that you’re so damn scared and judgmental. After all didn’t Jesus say to love others as yourself and not judge? Or did Barack HUSSEIN Obama go back in time and write that part in after he, not Pilate, condemned Jesus to death, so that 2 millennia later people would use it against you, a “persecuted Christian” ? In his defense. Please put the bath salts away and go get sterilized so you don’t pass on that whacked out view of the world to anyone else.

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    Lola B says

    Wow what a whole heap of bizarre statements this site is full of. So re The Christian tradition of the US was only from 1700 onwards, until then you would have been a member of one of the many American Aboriginal Tribes (Native American). Not sure how encouraging people to eat better so they can work for longer and pay more tax equals being in the grips of Satan. However I must warn you i am about to mass share this insane website and you may find an increase in traffic from Europe as this level of crazy is rarely seen here. Thank you so much, finding this site is a kin to discovering a Christian Fundamentalist Senator has an El Salvadorian lover called Pablo, who deals crack and pole dances in the Castro.

  5. Reply
    Heil satan says

    I believe the pc term is african american moon.

  6. Reply
    Jay Em says

    If you take this post and this site seriously and believe what you read here, you’re the reason Jesus is facepalming.

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