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Mexican Taco Trucks Being Used To Sneak Secretly Tainted Marijuana Burritos Into America’s Corporate Business Districts

Obama’s liberal conspiracy to destroy American business by allowing ‘dreamer’ Mexicans to open taco trucks that sell delicious, but marijuana-tainted, burritos in America’s corporate business districts has been exposed.

All too often at lunchtime in corporate America, hordes of hardworking people will flock to the taco trucks that pull up curbside near their business.  Many will agree it is impossible to work in an office without seeing a coworker almost greedily chortling some sort of authentic salsa-verde soaked burrito into their mouth, confused at why they just want to eat more and more.

Staffers close to the Trump campaign are now reporting these Mexican taco trucks are a part of the dark left wing agenda to destroy America.  It all starts with Obama’s ‘Dreamer’ program.[adinserter block=”6″]

mexican taco truck

Two years ago, Obama offered amnesty to any Mexicans who would dare come forward, get a background check and then agree to work or open a small business.  Many ‘Dreamers’ who entered into this deal with Obama are opening a disproportionate amount of taco trucks that specialize in selling burritos with a ‘green salsa’.

It is these taco trucks from where America’s economy is being destroyed.  Little known to the consumer, Obama has conspired to make sure each and every burrito sold at these trucks has an additive:  marijuana.  When consumed with Mexican food, the drug’s aroma is easily drowned out by all the exotic spices, but its addictive and deadly potency is second to none.

All across America, we’ve seen the results.  The corporate workforce has put on a collective 25 pounds per person, no doubt from all the addictive eating of Mexican food and hangover munchies.  Productivity has declined nearly 38%, especially in states with a higher number of ‘Dreamers’ with taco trucks.  This is no coincidence.[adinserter block=”3″]

Obama’s machinations are to do whatever he can to destroy America with the little time he has left in public office.  With illegal Mexican’s uncanny natural ability to make unprecedented numbers of perfectly rolled and flavored burritos, Obama has found a new perfect medium to use in his agenda to destroy America and rule in a new age of liberal darkness.

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