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Photograph Shows Obama Flying Magic Carpet While Wearing Terror Clothing

Obama’s history and penchant for collecting ancient relics to make himself more powerful is well documented in the media community.

obama flying magic carpetToday staffers with the Trump campaign released a new image that purports to show President Barack Obama, in his younger days, wearing what’s described as a ‘terrorist’s outfit’ as he flies a magic carpet.

When questioned about the image outside a small closed-door meeting, eyewitnesses report Trump said, “Like I said before, Obama is a founder of terror organizations.  He must be one of their high priests.”


It seems Trump’s followers agree, with the image being retweeted thouands of times with colorful commentary.

Twitter user Sunny Davids tweeted:

Look at young Obama.  Just like @realDonaldTrump reported, he is a terror founder and flies around in habibi robes.  #notamerican

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Another Trump follower on Twitter, Danny Council blasted Obama:

Today soon President Trump proved for all the world that Obama is practicing dark Persian arts.  He flies on carpets and does all the other dark stuff.

Over the weekend new polls show that Donald Trump has managed to again pull even with Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, many conservative Republicans reporting they are going back to Trump, many citing fears that liberals such as Obama and Clinton have ties to powerful, dark forces.

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