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Lion Attacks Little Girl After She Blows Him A Kiss

Today’s animals are just as dangerous behind glass as they are in the wild. We’ve all seen them fight one another over a piece of healthy Zebra or Thompson’s Gazelle on the standard documentary on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. But, the true nature of these beasts is only been somewhat documented. Lions have always had a taste for human flesh and savory meat since they were created.

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This particular King of the Jungle is no kitty cat. He is a wild animal, just like his brethren, Cecil the Lion, trapped behind a thin piece of glass and he displays his mighty, primal, and raw power as he viciously attacks this little girl after she blows him a loving and gentle kiss. After this display of affection for the large cat, his nature quickly transformed into a violent state of irritation when the young girl pressed her lips against the glass, “blowing a kiss” to the large animal. This animal should be dealt with like the Silver back Gorilla, Harambe; shot dead on the scene after a vicious and wrongful attack on such a precious little girl!

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