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Donald Trump: Taking Land From Native Americans Justifiable Because They Were “Selfishly Trying to Keep It for Themselves”

Donald Trump has yet again taken social media by storm after answering a question at an impromptu press conference.  A member of the crowd took to a microphone and asked Donald Trump since he has such an isolationist policy and hard words for immigrants, if he thinks his ‘great America’ would be hypocritical since US history involves invading and taking land from other civilizations.[adinserter block=”3″][adinserter block=”6″]

images (1)Donald Trump gave a quick and heated response that the US was justified in taking land from Native Americans because ‘they were selfishly trying to keep it to themselves’.

Tom Landry, a vocal supporter of Trump, was excited by the candidate’s answer.  “Think about it, what were they going to do with the land?  If the US did not take the land, a European power would have so things turned out the best.”

Trump’s lead in polls increased to over 6 points over Hillary Clinton this past Wednesday.

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