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Donald Trump College Degree Is Now A Step After Master’s Degree In College


Donald Trump has taken time from his very busy schedule in the race for president to create a whole new level of college degree programs in the public college school system. After Obama had recently removed Home Ec Classes from the American School System, Trump decided it was time to counter act this action by implementing a whole other level of education classes.

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The Donald Trump College Degree program is a way to educate the young college aged adults with the necessary skills and minimal “adulting” abilities to live life without debt and college loans. Other courses in the Donald Trump College Degree program will include how to pay taxes, write checks, use proper banking facilities, and many more courses to come.

Donald Trump is very confident that this detailed and helpful program will benefit young Americans once they complete the Donald Trump College Degree program. When asked what else the program would help with, Donald Trump stated,

“It’ll be great. The Donald Trump College Degree will make America great again!”

The Donald Trump College Degree is set to begin in the Fall at the start of college enrollment 2017.

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