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Obama Removes Home Ec Classes As One Last Blow To U.S School System For Good


Sources have confirmed that President Obama has removed Home Ec classes in public schools around the U.S to boost the usage of Obamacare. Insiders from the White House have also confirmed that Obama and his Cabinet of officials from school districts around the United States have been planning this precise action whilst Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle the media outlets and each other for the the throne of the U.S Presidency.

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By removing these important classes from our schools President Obama has ensured that the young adults of today and tomorrow are forever chained to the wrecking ball of Obamacare!

Our schools should teach people basic life skills again.Like ATTN: on Facebook.

Posted by ATTN: on Monday, June 27, 2016


This is the kind of action in which Obama has exacted on the poor school students and young college adults struggling to make it through adulthood. Such shameful type of behavior for such a learned man from Kenya.

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