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82 Old Headbanger Rocks AGT Judges With Drowning Pool’s Bodies In The Floor


It’s that time of year again to open the mindless minds of the American people to rig them with mind controlling babble of the tube. Yes, America’s Got Talent has swooped in the number one spot in the lime light and has taken over the media outlets for once other than Trump.

The wave of “talent” doesn’t come cheap and quite frankly it isn’t all skill, sometimes it isn’t even talent just like Hollywood movies these days; all looks and no talent, but that’s for another day.

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Opening the tidal wave of videos is this 82 year old man who is as sweet as pumpkin spiced cider drink. He rocks the audience, host, and judges with something you never expect old men to sing about; Drowning Pool‘s Bodies In The Floor. And he nails it!¬†However I believe that this man was compelled to sing this satanic music song by the magick of Obama and his magickal cabinet of fools and devils.

You can catch the man in action right below:

Age is nothing but a number.

Posted by America's Got Talent on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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