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Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem To A Rap $100,000 Rap Battle For Racial Domination


America’s Got Talent host, Nick Cannon has made an official Rap Battle challenge to anyone, but laid out a special $1000,000 challenge to Rapper and white trash star, Eminem for racial domination. Cannon stated in a recent radio interview that he was sick and tired of all the hate and toil put on his people and ancestors by white folks. He has placed $100,000 on the line that says it is everything or nothing for his brothers and sisters.

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Cannon is so confident that he will win this challenge that he will donate his winnings to a Children’s Hospital. Eminem has not yet responded to the challenge and isn’t likely to. His superior white trash exterior has gated him far from Nick Cannon’s ways.

So, should Eminem respond to this challenge an accept it who would win? The natural black folks who have had many years of torment and practice in the fields slaving away singing their slave songs? Or… The White trash from the trailer park going around the outside for the whip? Only time will tell.


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