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Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveal New Secrets about the Legendaries: VIDEO


Pokemon Sun and Moon are drawing closer and closer, but just as the big debut is right around the corner, some new evidence that there are political agendas hidden within the games’ new legendaries can be see.

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The obvious one is that the pokemon are black and white colored; but not to be confused with the pokemon black and white games. These pokemon represent the black and white issues going on within the country and especially in our political system. Look here in the video and see that Lion looking pokemon, known as Solgaleo, can be seen representing the light, sun, and most of all the pride it holds to itself as it know it cannot be touched because it is white.

Seeing the video now, take a look at the bat-like pokemon, known as Lunala. Seeing as it must cower into the shadows because of it’s dark nature, it hold the powers of the moon within its dark heart. Being the rival legendary to the white lion pokemon, the shadow bat pokemon knows it must represent the dark, raw powers of the night, shadow and the moon. And if history has taught us anything the moon has been linked with several dark arts and characters through the many years of man and animal.

The two legendaries can only appeal to the hearts of those it wants to hold hostage per-say. The two pokemon are the fiercest ones yet and have come to capture the playful children’s minds and the childish hearts of young adults. Be weary of these games!

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