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Homosexual Chemtrails Cause Ronda Rousey to Lose UFC 193 Fight to Holly Holm

The once invulnerable Ronda Rousey has become not only a fallen champion, but the latest victim of a homosexual chemtrail attack that has turned the UFC world upside-down.

ronda rouseyRousey came into UFC 193 as the clear favorite to easily defeat Holly Holm.

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While homosexual-inducing chemicals tend to make straight men more fastidious, devoted to chiseling their physique and having the heightened mental prowess of a gay male, when administered to a straight woman, the chemicals give straight women an insatiable appetite for lesbianism.

Eyewitnesses who were ringside report Rousey was ‘wide-eyed and submissive, her fawning, pliable body just waiting to be dominated by the next powerful move of Holm.’

Reports of what happened to Rousey reflect findings of the CDC on the effects homosexual chemtrails have on straight women.

In the ring, it was as if a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey was playing out. Rousey took on the role of Anastasia, the chemtrail in her body making her womanhood moan with greedy satisfaction every time Holm — Christian Grey in her mind — took liberty to extoll physical domination upon her crumpling body.

Rousey did not want to fight back. She wanted to be dominated, her brain lusted for these moments in the ring, being humiliated by the muscular, masochistic strikes Holly delivered upon her panting bosom. As she lay sweaty and exhausted in the ring, the spent sweat of domination pouring from Holly Holms mounted body upon her, Rousey’s womanhood let out a satisfied moan of pleasure — her fleeting consciousness satiated in ecstasy for her Christian Grey fulfilled her desire.


Quivering thighs split in the precocious position of lesbian submission, Rousey pants in exhausted excitement as Holly Holm uses dominant power to humiliate and dominate the compliant Rousey. Homosexual chemtrails secretly placed in Rousey’s between-round water bottle altered her brain chemistry, making her want to be dominated by Holms.

Sources with the Christian Defense League of Texas confirm Rousey’s fighting ability showed classic signs of a female athlete had been ‘drugged’ by gays.  A notification has been sent to the FCA that all female athletes should not trust sports bottles that have been handled by others over the coming weeks.

“She was too busy fawning over the perfectly toned body of Holm, instead of keeping her guard up.  Instead of focusing on an incoming kick, we can see the clearly impassioned and engorged Rousey was looking at Holm’s bulging thigh curves,” reported one CDL official who attended the fight and commended on condition of anonymity.

Several months ago Rousey refused to fight a UFC fighter, stating that the fighter’s genetic makeup was ‘not natural’.  Gays vowed to get revenge for these actions and it seems Holms is the beneficiary.

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