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Dunkin Donuts Counters Starbucks Pagan Lesbian Lilith Cups with Christian ‘Joy’ Cups This Holiday Season

Lesbians — famous for engaging in ancient pagan rituals that involves refusing a man and featherplay — hatched a scheme to associate Christmas with Lilith, the goddess of lesbianism.

[adinserter block=”1″]On the sides of Starbucks cups, which are purchased by billions of Christians every holiday season, lesbian baristas tried to covertly remove classic Christian symbology and replace it with that of pagan-lesbianism.

The goal was to have lesbian baristas — with their perky attitudes, cute demeanor and fresh smiles — subconsciously ingratiate people to not only lesbianism, but to think about lesbian symbols instead of Christmas trees, the word ‘joy’ or the nativity manger scene during the Christmas season.

dunkin donuts christian cupsDonut and coffee giant — Dunkin Donuts — has thankfully come to the rescue of Christians who do not want to be brainwashed by Starbucks’ caffeine wielding lesbian baristas.

Dunkin Donuts has offered a Styrofoam holiday cup that simply says ‘joy’, a Christian Christmas word, on the side of the cup. ┬áBy drinking of this cup every morning, consumers can rest assured they are not being brainwashed by lesbians.

The Christian Defense League of Texas encourages consumers to forgo high-end Starbucks at least until the holidays are over to avoid becoming a victim of mind games launched by powerful lesbians with an agenda.

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