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Anderson Cooper Offended By SNL’s “Queened-up” Impersonation

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Anderson Cooper got a bit hung after a poor impersonation of himself on SNL.

Anderson Cooper, host of Anderson Cooper 360, took offense to Saturday Night Live’s recent mockery of the recent Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

While the star of the night was Larry David, who did a spot-on impersonation of Bernie Sanders, Cooper took offense to Jon Rudnitsky’s impersonation.  Cooper allegedly feels that the impersonation was too ‘queened-up’.

“I didn’t think it was very good,” a terribly vexed Cooper protested.  “Seth Meyers did a spoof of me years ago that was really funny and I’m all for being spoofed.  It was like the only thhing he knew about me was that I was gay so that’s sort of what he went with.  I got a little Truman Capote vite, which I thought was odd.”

It remains unconfirmed if Cooper regularly watches SNL and simply does not realize that most of the cast’s impersonation are pretty poor and the humor typically lackluster.

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