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Ben Carson: ‘I Once Performed Neurosurgery And Cured A Man of Homosexuality’

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson revealed that after performing a complex brain operation on a man, he cured him of homosexuality.

[adinserter block=”3″]”When the anesthesia wore off and his emotional ‘partner’ came into the post-procedure room and tried to kiss him, the patient reportedly balked and pushed him away.  The nurse came to get me because his ‘partner’ said the patient was not acting like himself,” Carson revealed.

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Dr. Carson explains how he inadvertently cured a man of homosexuality during a brain operation.

Carson went on to say that after having all nurses and family leave the room, the man revealed he no longer had any homosexual urges.

“I suspect God lead me to cure this man’s homosexuality.  During the procedure, there was a guiding force on my hands that said ‘lightly tap the amygdala, sever some of those neural connections’.  It was so fast, so delicate and precise, like a grandmother brushing an errant eyelash away from a child’s face.”

While Carson’s latest commentary is quickly spreading through conservative circles on social media, several scientists have made mention that Dr. Carson’s experience confirm a prominent Swiss study from 2009, which suggests there are defining characteristics of a gay brain that can be altered by someone with enough skill.

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