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Why is it Important to Know That Jennifer Lawrence Can Fit Marshmallows in Her Mouth?


Why is this important to know? Well honestly it’s not. It is absolutely not important in any way, shape or form. No one actually cares how many marshmallows Jennifer Lawrence can stuff in her mouth that isn’t even pretty. Why is this news? How is this news? FACT: IT ISN’T.

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Jennifer Lawrence truthfully much like the rest of Hollywood (with a very small amount of exceptions) isn’t talented. But for whatever reason, the fact that she can stuff 10 jumbo marshmallows in her mouth is news worthy. I don’t understand why this is news? Obama could be taking over the Middle East and the news would say, “Kanye released his nude albums today…”!

What is news? News is something that has reached the social media outlets and eventually the news networks so highly that it cannot be ignored and thus they have to report it. Example: Obama’s Super Blood Moon Rite. That is newsworthy! Not something like, “Jennifer Lawrence called a press conference to tell everyone that she can stuff 10 jumbo marshmallows in her mouth.” Good for you, Jennifer! Now put that talent of yours to use!

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