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Obama REAL ID Act: Americans May Soon Need Passports To Travel From Four US States

The Obama Administration has approved new legislation that requires all state-issued IDs to follow guidelines set forth by the federal government.

[adinserter block=”3″]One of the requirements of these IDs is that they must contain RFID chips, which will allow the federal government to track every ID via GPS and also implant code within the chip.  Conservative politicians have long warned that the RFID chip requirement is a preamble to the ‘mark of the beast’ warned about in the Bible.

RFID-chips-in-drivers-license-620x330Four states  — New York, Louisiana, Minnesota and New Hampshire —  have immediately stood against Obama and refused to follow the new federal requirement for state IDs and driver’s licenses.  Obama quickly acted and warned that for people from these states or traveling to these states, would be required to use a US Passport to cross the state’s border.

Obama is now forcing US citizens to get a federal mandated ID that allows them to be tracked 24/7 and if they opt against it, they will not be able to travel by air or land to other states.  This is clearly a power play by the federal government and again proves Obama is trying to force every US citizen to have an RFID chip in their home and on their person.

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