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Creator of The Final Fantasy Series Reveals Life Sized Air Carrier in Japan

Earlier this year it was revealed to the massive fanbase of the Final Fantasy series that there would be yet another addition to the ongoing series. Final FantasyV: The Fallen City of Shadow. The players of the popular game series will recognize numerous characters from past games and of course mods of transportation like the air carrier named, “Shera”.

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The game is set to release in the Spring of 2016. fans who preregister for the game can receive a special map and unlockable characters from past games such as Yuna, Cloud, Rikku, and Vincent the Turk. The air carrier is one of many life sized displays that were shown off this year for the game’s release. Make sure to preregister for the game to get the add on content and extra map. And remember the game isn’t released until Spring of 2016!

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