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9 Cops Forced to Wrestle Amazingly Strong Jaywalker Teen

Stockton, CA – It took 9 police officers and a baton to subdue an amazingly strong 16-year-old black teen who allegedly jaywalked two steps after getting off a bus.

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The amazing video was caught on tape and posted to Facebook by Edgar Avadeno.  The video clip evidence starts with the teenager clearly grabbing the baton of a police officer.  Undoubtedly fearing for his life, the officer had to use his full strength to whip the baton back and forth to wrestle it from the teen’s casual grip:

[adinserter block=”3″]Immediately realizing the raw power and fiery strength of the teen, the officer wisely called for backup to help him tackle and pin the teen to the ground.

An eyewitness reports this is what happened: “‘The kid got stopped for jaywalking when he barely stepped out of the bus he was two feet away from the sidewalk when the cop stopped him for ‘jaywalking’,” he wrote. “He didn’t have to hit the kid with the baton & no need to call about 20 cops.'”

Liberal media is twisting the facts in this video and are pretending that the civilian here was not resisting arrest. If he would have just admitted that he jaywalked two steps in the bus lane after getting off the bus, everything would have turned out just fine and he could have been peacefully arrested and hauled off to jail.

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