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Pokémon Plus and Minus Confirmed for 2016

It’s that time again for another generation pokemon to roll out from the pokemon kitchens of Nintendo. This generation of pokemon is going to be quite the bunch according to a reliable source from the Nintendo headquarters. This new batch of the pocket monsters is also going to be released for the Pokémon mobile app “Pokémon Go”. [adinserter block=”4″]

According to a relatively reliable source named “Geno,” the next games in the series will be named Pokemon Plus and Minus, once again keeping to the polar opposite titles. It is expected to be just as revolutionary as the current generation, with a focus on the theme of  “old tradition versus new exploration.”  The new starters will be named after their Pokemon types, and the new Legendaries will be a sort of multi-faced lion and a ghost/fairy type with hurricane-like arms. The new villains are supposedly “old-fashioned” type characters who believe the “old ways are best.” They reportedly believe that you should stick with the same Pokemon for life, not trading them for others you discover. The new world according to the Pokemon rumors is an MMO style landscape with physical Pokemon Bank locations. They will work much like the app does, allowing you to import your pocket monsters from the previous games.

There are many things that have yet to be discovered about these new pokemon games. We’re just going to have to wait and see what the next big thing is going to be.

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