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Chinese Scientists Clone Jesus, Prepare To Unleash Him on Western Civilization

New footage circulating social media confirms that China has managed to clone Jesus and is preparing to unleash their genetically engineered ‘super-savior’ upon Western Civilization.

Footage confirms China has cloned Jesus and is putting him through rigorous military testing so he may be unleashed upon Western civilization.[adinserter block=”1″]

In 2012, Mitt Romney warned everyone of China’s mission to destroy Jesus, America’s business and reign in a future communist utopia.

We see China has been successful in not only destroying America’s economy at will, but only yesterday unleashed new war films that show their armies wiping out America.

But this week, the biggest story is that China has managed to create a new genetically engineered version of Jesus.  In the following video Chinese Jesus runs the length of three football fields in lightning fast time.  He is apparently training with the Chinese armies so that he can lead them into battle against Western civilization:

[ytvideo videoid=”GXoGo5_IB5s”]

The Chinese town of Liqian was founded by a group of Romans who went ‘on the run’ soon after the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Legend holds that two of the founders were soldiers who brought with them garments worn by Christ.  Intelligence sources report recent advances in Chinese science have allowed the nation to isolate DNA from the garments and create a new clone in their image.

Instead of raising their Jesus as the son of a carpenter, it seems the Chinese military have instead hidden him away in a temple to study Eastern religions and advanced Shaolin monk karate.  The footage shows him easily running across the sea while people who try to pull him under the water can only flail away from his power and perfect balance.

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