New NASA Photos Reveal Satanic Dragon Life On Mars

The latest photos from NASA show some form of advanced dragon life form on Mars. Christian astronomers confirm the photographic anomaly is not just some irregularity of pixels but a quite distinct image that both confirms Biblical prophesy and answers why Obama is so zealous in suddenly funding a NASA mission to Mars.

obama dragon on mars liberal darkness satan

An image showing what appears to be a dragon on the surface of Mars has caught the attention of scientists, hobbyists and religious scholars. The dragon confirms warnings in the Bible that dragons would be found in the last days of humanity and before the events of Earth’s Armageddon.

The image of the dragon is taking social media by storm.  Weeks ago the Curiosity rover revealed several images that showed small lizard-like creatures.  The lizards were found several hundred meters from where the picture to the right was taken, giving credence to the notion that the young lizards may be the offspring of the dragon-like creature shown at left.

Religious scholars stress that the dragon on Mars could very well be the dragon that will find its way to Earth and be loosed for 1,000 years of tyranny and destruction, that is, the New Age of Liberal Darkness that political conservatives are trying to warn the world about.

FOR IT IS WRITTEN:  Revelation 20:2  – And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;

[adinserter block=”3″]The latest photographic evidence shows that the pursuit of Mars (India and China are also racing to put their astronauts on the planet) has more to do with Biblical prophesy than scientific exploration.

The fact that Obama is the president while all this is happening makes sense, due to his ties to ancient Egypt, the occult and the downfall of Christianity.


To the right, there is a Martian stone formation that shows some sort of ancient stone relic that resembles Barack Hussein Obama.  There are similar relics in Egypt that also show the same facial structure, leading credence to reports that Obama has a sarcophagus stored beneath the White House and may be far older than anyone realizes.

Not far from the Obama rock formations seems to be an ancient conglomeration of pyramid like structures.  Aerial footage taken by NASA probes and Indian probes show Obama face-stones in close proxy to the pyramids.


What Does the Colonization of Mars Mean for Christians?

The manned mission to Mars will be a reality within 20 years.  It does not matter if it is China, India, America or any other nation completes the mission.

It seems obvious that Martian history is tied to that of ancient Egypt, and we all know ancient Egypt’s history ties right into that of the Bible and the fate of humanity.

Pharaohs, oppression the children of Israel, pyramids, Son of Ra god-kings who acquire powerful relics and display inhuman abilities (e.g., Obama), fantastic creatures of the apocalypse, these are all things tied into Egypt and now it seems Mars.

Obama is devoted to getting to Mars so he can have its power for itself and unleash this dragon on Christian America, so that it can reign for 1,000 years and feast upon the body and souls of the righteous.

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