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Walter Palmer Captured! Teens Now Making Their Own Braces

Big game poacher and the murderer of Cecil the Lion has been apprehended at last! Walter Palmer was apprehended by Zimbabwe authorities while trying to sneak back to the united states under the cover of darkness. The Zimbabwe authorities and officials have their prize at last. In the next coming weeks the officials of the Zimbabwe council and heads of the reservation park in which Cecil was killed will deliberate on how Mr. Palmer will be handled.

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Now, that Walter Palmer has been caught, the teens in his immediate hometown area are now making their own braces. That’s right. They have abandoned their big game killing dentist and have started making and crafting their very own painful-looking braces.

Dental experts have issued severe warnings about a growing trend that sees young people using cheap elastics to straighten their teeth – a procedure which could cause permanent damage to their gums and even result in their teeth falling out. According to the consumer warning, the use of elastics is not new in the world of dentistry, however rather than using them to straighten teeth, they are more commonly used as an effective technique for tooth extraction.

If these kids are passionate about straightening their teeth, they should go to the nearest community college and start working on that dental degree. I’m sure they could fill in that opening that Mr. Palmer left wide open.

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