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Obama Floods Colorado’s Animas River with Homosexual Chemtrail Orange

As if it weren’t already bad enough the state is full of marijuana addicts, Colorado is the latest victim of an attack by Obama’s homosexual chemtrails.

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In the image media, we can see Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has flooded the Colorado Animas River and thus their drinking supply with Homosexual Agent Orange, a potent chemtrail concoction that lowers the testosterone count of men.

Durango_2Agent Orange was first used against the Viet Kong during the Vietnam War.  Now we can see this chemical has been converted and put back in production, all likely a part of Obama’s Jade Helm military operation to spread homosexuality in Western portions of the United States.

Officials have tested the water and confirmed that it contains the orange version of Obama’s homosexual chemtrails.  The Christian Defense League of Texas warns that this version of the chemtrail is a mixtures of Agent Orange and a  more concentrated version of Yellow Lake 5, the additive that gives Mountain Dew its distinct yellow-green hue and is also known to destroy the testosterone of men.

animas river chemtrail orange

Officials test the water and confirm it is laced with homosexual chemtrail orange.

Citizens of Colorado should switch to drinking only bottled water and taking baths in water that has been boiled or treated swimming pools.  Exposure to the orange river water will likely cause immediate urges of testosterone-deprived homosexuality, which will leave confused men seeking to be dominated by foreign testosterone.

The effects of orange homosexual chemtrail and marijuana smoke remains unknown, but it is safe to assume that being exposed to both will impair judgment and likely lead to shameful homosexual encounters.

Food grown along the Animas River may have also absorbed the chemtrail, meaning that certain foodstuffs may cause reductive-testosterone homosexuality if not properly washed and boiled before consumption.

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