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Obama and Donald Trump Are Conspiring To Destroy Fox News and Modern Christianity

New image media circulating in conservative media circles today confirms the worst of fears. The new image shows Obama meeting with Donald Trump at the White House. Both students of Machiavellian politics, Obama and Trump have put aside their differences to join forces and help each other achieve their true end goals: destroy the Republican Party, Christianity and make tons of money doing so, so that they can rule their respective kingdoms of carnality in a future of moral darkness.

Trump simply wants to live in a world where his casinos can grow like hotcakes and without regulation, so he can make billions of dollars and have women in Princess Leia outfits treat him like High Hefner. Obama’s machinations are far more sinister, as he dreams of a future where Christians are forced to scramble like cockroaches as an exterminator rushes around spraying them with gases (chemtrails).

trump obama

New image media confirms Obama and Donald Trump met in the White House to make backroom deals for molding the world after the upcoming 2016 elections.

It is important to understand that Obama and Trump have no respect for women. We all see how Trump treated Megyn Kelly, a model Christian female, and at every turn Obama refuses to protect women from being manipulated by dangerous interest groups like Planned Parenthood.

[adinserter block=”1″]Trump’s end game is to split the Republican party. While many in the GOP are upset with Trump for using misogynistic remarks against Megyn Kelly, a growing number are now protesting Kelly and Fox News.  This makes it patently obvious that Donald Trump is trying to cut a piece of the Republican Party out for himself so he can run as a third party candidate.

What is not so obvious, however, is that Trump is taking enough of the Republican vote out of the 2016 elections so that the Democrats can win.  Why would Trump help the Democrats?

Sources close to the White House indicate Obama is making a deal with Trump, promising the real-estate and casino mogul that he can ‘have full access to East Africa’ if he helps the democrats win the upcoming election.

This means that we will start to see Trump casinos in Cairo, Egypt.  This makes sense and now we know why Obama betrayed his friend Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.  Obama is planting a government there that will open up the Egyptian real estate market to Trump Enterprises, so that Trump may become a new economic pharaoh in Egypt.


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