Cecil The Lion Was a Deadbeat Dad, Had Violent History Of Attacking Others

The liberal media is up in arms once more and is defending a thug with a history of assault, stealing from others and not providing for his children.


Cecil the Lion chases down a group of white tourists, trying to assault and rob them.

A black-mane lion from Africa named Cecil got into a violent confrontation with an American dentist who was on vacation in Zimbabwe.  According to reports, dentist Walter Palmer was out enjoying pure nature when suddenly, Cecil the lion skulked up and tried to steal some meat from Palmer’s vehicle.

Startled and defending his ground, Palmer had no choice but the use his Constitutional right to stand his ground and defend himself from death.  Now much like Mr. Zimmerman and others, the liberals have forced Dr. Palmer to go into hiding.

What many Americans fail to realize is that even though most African-American lions are incarcerated at local zoos and forced to abide by the law, such is not true for the male African lions and Zimbabwe.

These African lions run free.  They are boastful and loud, their bad attitudes only outdone by their outright laziness.  These lions typically father 12 or 13 children, leaving all their ‘baby’s momma’ lions to raise and provide for the kids.

If these lions had it their way, Obama would be their president and they would sign up for Obamacare and live off welfare, peddling drugs and having gang warfare with illegally owned guns.

[adinserter block=”3″]Fortunately, there are people like dentist Walter Palmer who stood his ground and tried to let these lions know they cannot just go attacking people and trying to steal from them.  Of course, the liberal media is defiant always sticks up for the aggressive thugs in these situations.

We saw it with George Zimmerman, Officer Darrin Wilson, those brave officers at the pool party in Texas and there are countless more examples.  The person utilizing the law and trying to uphold a standard of decency is always persecuted in these cases, even though they were not the aggressor and were acting within the law.

image-6-for-never-cross-a-zebra-you-big-pussy-gallery-839027506Just look at this lion, killing young animals and not even providing for his family.  Do you really think this type of lion is fit for living in society and are you willing to give this lion the benefit of the doubt?

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    james says

    cecil didn’t even have clothes on ridiculose

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    Karen says

    Madeline look up the word racist.

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