Gay Drones Carrying Malware to Infect Straight Male Computers with Gay Websites

gay droneGays are using internet technology to launch their latest assault on the traditional American family, particularly fathers of nuclear families.

Sources indicate that gays are involved with a new sort of ‘hacking drone’ technology.

The technology works vis-a-vis drones flying overhead neighborhoods where they find weakly encrypted WiFi networks, which they then sign into and inject gay website malware into target computers on the WiFi network.

[adinserter block=”3″]Reports from known Christian neigbhorhoods in Texas confirm the technology is already in use.  Several cases for divorce filings detail how wives have gone into their husbands home office and phone, only to find websites like grindr.com and worse in their husband’s web browsing history.  Some reports show that the computers inexplicably have gay fantasy sites listed as the default home page.

The latest attack by gays is a two pronged attack:  one, they are trying to strain relationships between husband and wife via jealousy.  Two, they are exposing the central source of the nuclear family — the man of the house — to gay kink and making him curious, which can easily turn into a gateway drug to homosexuality during the late, confusing hours of the night.

It is not uncommon for men to innocently browse their computers, then suddenly have a gay website pop-up right when their wife walks into the room.  Or perhaps they are scrolling through photos on their phone with their family, to find that one of these drones has delivered a payload of tight, glistening male abs and toned skin in with the family pictures.  This is all normal and families should beware these things are just artifacts of the most recent gay attacks on the Christian family.

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  1. Reply
    Christian says

    Clearly this does not happen. And anyone who belives this is undoubtedly out of their mind.

  2. Reply
    Feral Fae says

    Give me a break! Sneaky, lying bloody closet cases.

  3. Reply
    George says

    This is just ridiculous. I mean cmon. Man up. You got busted.

  4. Reply
    David Loehmann says

    LOL Yeah, we’re all really going to pay big $$$$ for the type of drone and other software that would be capable of hacking this on the computers of innocent straight dudes! What a joke! Chrikey! Wait til Faux News gets a load of this one.

  5. Reply
    sougo says

    So Dennis, your wife found gay sites in your history, and you wrote this to explain it… good luck with that. ;D

  6. Reply
    Tracy says

    Wait, this is a satire site, isn’t it? I mean, come on, could anybody be this crazy and this dumb all at the same time?

  7. Reply
    Mitch says

    Well, Tracy, the comments above yours seem to imply that at least one person is. This is clearly a satire page.

  8. Reply
    Straight Rock says

    I’ve been telling people about that FOR YEARS! And literally NO ONE listened to me! The only way to protect your computer is ALWAYS keeping a paper hat made of Playboy magazine on. BE AWARE, BE PROTECTED!!!

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