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Fox News Presenter Asks Why We’re ‘Not Clearing the Water of Sharks’ To Keep Swimmers Safe

A Fox News host hit an all-new low when asking why we are not simply ‘clearing the ocean water of sharks’ to make sure humans who choose to swim in the ocean don’t suffer shark attacks.

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The commentary came after an incident in which a champion surfer was forced to punch a shark that tried to bite him during a competition.  The attack was the most recent in a string of shark-on-human attacks that have increased over the last month.

The simple answer to the question is that while humans have mastery of the land, the shark is conditioned for the ocean.  It’s his home.

One would hope that in this state of American history, the idea that if something is causing you an inconvenience because you want to enjoy its natural land or habitat, that you don’t go on a path of destruction.  Does this ‘news’ host really want us to put all the sharks on a ‘Trail of Tears’, where they go walking across the lands in the dead of winter to only see their numbers dwindle from dysentery and frostbite, gathering at government-sanctioned reservations where people mock them for wallowing in misery at their fallen culture and cheap-prizes at casinos.

That stated and since it doesn’t get more ridiculous than sharks running a casino on government sanctioned land, let’s just say we shouldn’t kill every shark in the ocean because God put them there and it would not be kind to undo his will for our convenience.  Also, ecosystems.


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