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Gay Computer Wizards Hack, Threaten to Reveal Millions of Cheaters to Destroy Heterosexual Marriages

The gay agenda to destroy heterosexual marriages in America has won another major victory. was the first to report that cheating super-site — where over 37 million cheaters have signed up and registered to have an affair — has been compromised.

[adinserter block=”3″]Early Monday morning, communiques from known gay online enclaves took credit for the attack, revealing that the information would be leaked online so that all the cheaters on the site — most of whom are heterosexually married with a nuclear family — would have all their information aired out in the public.  This will clearly destroy marriages and cause the traditional marriage divorce rate to skyrocket. confirms the data leak, which will definitely leave cause a major catastrophe for Christians who are working hard to keep a loving, proper household in these trying times of Obama.  With a tough economy and a White House that’s waging war on family values, it is already tough enough for a husband and wife to keep a home running.

[adinserter block=”4″]If the gays come forward and leak this information, this single event could be one of the greatest tragedies for Christian marriage in modern times.


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