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Watch: Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, Official San Diego Comic Con Trailer

Batman v Superman

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Many movie fans have been skeptical about the new Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice film set to release next year.

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Fans have complained the Gal Gadot is too frail to be Wonder Woman, while Affleck is just too dry and annoying to be a good Batman.  Others have proclaimed that Frank Miller is a mentally unstable man who loves a Batman Mary Sue unfairly trumping everyone because just like a six-year-old kid bragging about his dad, Miller believes Batman is best because ‘He is Batman!’

And while any storyline that has Batman squaring off against a being that can throw asteroids at Earth to win any versus match, one must admit that the new Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice trailer looks very epic and well done.  While screen spectacle is no stranger to Snyder, time will tell if the writing and plot match the cinematography.

Batman v Superman is the story of a beleaguered Christian (Batman) betrayed by society, but still doing his duty to defend his country and hunt down an illegal alien who was allowed in America by Obama’s dream act (Superman) and went and killed thousands of people.

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Although, the CGI is a bit too strong in some areas, but we’ll chalk that up to post-production work not being complete (hopefully).

“Black and blue. God vs. man. Day vs. night.”Watch the exclusive Comic-Con trailer for #BatmanvSuperman: Dawn of Justice.

Posted by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Saturday, July 11, 2015

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