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Should The NAACP Change Its Name To The NAAAP?

download (2)Now that we see white people can effectively lead and stand up for Civil Rights in the African-American community, is it time for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to become the National Association For the Advancement of All People?

In a world where all men are created equal, we should tear down all walls that promote gender, racial, creed or socioeconomic differences.

[adinserter block=”2″]Every time we see that some ‘man was targeted because he was black’ or some officer automatically accused of racist just because he’s white and trying to do his job in an area where there exist minorities, we see the folly of the racial construct.  Differentiating humans by the melanin’s phenotypic expression is only inviting us to use our human nature and categorize and label.

Humans have worked very hard to give an identity to race, to skin color.  We have done this to a point that we make cultural and lifestyle assumptions about people just because of their genetic ancestry.  To break this folly, we have to stop carrying our baggage with us.  Much like old clutter we accumulate in our homes and don’t notice until it’s time to a new place, sometime to move forward you have to leave past mistakes behind.  Our attitudes on segregating and identifying fellow human beings by race is poor and we must do away with it to move forward.

The time will come when black parents can opt to use genetics to create a white baby for themselves.  Other races can do the same.  What will happen if people start to have children who express green or purple skin color?  Perhaps one day it will be the new in-thing.

Should we call people of those new skin tones superior?  Should they automatically be assumed to be a certain way because their skin color is different?  It is depressingly laughable that Americans sit back in disgust and horror when we hear that albinos in Africa are hunted down because they are believed to be cursed or to be used in potions, yet we still aren’t two steps ahead because we also hold people to a certain definition because the color of their outer integument.

If we are to have a truly transparant society, we must destroy all our past social constructs of race.  Saying someone is black should be no different than saying they are wearing a black shirt.  Color should become again what it truly is:  a state of being, the result of genetics and environmental pressures.


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