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Freddie Gray Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Once Appeared on Judge Judy

Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor who gained national attention after successfully indicting 6 officers accused of the death of Freddie Gray, once made tv headlines as a 20-year-old college student.

Marilyn Mosby, who was Marilyn James at the time, appeared on Judge Judy. While she was away from her college apartment for the weekend, the owner who owned a cigar shop right below it allegedly broke into her apartment, smeared smoke all over he walls and left a ‘disgusting mess’ in her bathtub.

Mosby tried to take her case to the DA and local police, who only disrespected her and would not take her case seriously. Mosby then turned to Judge Judy and the small claims process. Judy was so impressed by Mosby’s presentation and organization, she awarded Mosby over $1700 in damages but also would have awarded her more if she ‘would have sought punitive damages’.

Mosby simply responded the she believed justice was served and was thankful for being able to use a court of law.

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