Why Is Obama Flooding Texas?

obama flooding texas

By now we all know that Obama has a grudge against the fine people of Texas.  On July 15th, Obama plans to invade the state and declare martial law so he can force gay marriage and Obamacare welfare down our throats.

Moral men like Governor Abbott came out with a bold stance against Obama and his so called ‘war games’.  They let him know that Texas would never fall into the hands of liberal darkness without a fight and unlike the Iraqis of who Obama is so fond of giving billions of our dollars and weapons, we will never flee the field of battle while Obama and his little ISIS mercenaries flood over the borders in invasion.

So why is Obama invading Texas?

President Barack Obama speaks during his visit to oil and gas production fields located on federal lands outside of Maljamar, N.M., Wednesday, March, 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Oil.  Big oil.

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Obama’s warmongering in the Middle East, toppling dictators and causing all sorts of destabilization has all been a ploy to put his allies in power in the region.

The liberal Democrats love to act and pretend like President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney somehow conspired to invade Iraq to garner oil profits, but that simply is not true.  What liberals love to cover-up is the fact that Obama’s wheels are greased by all the big oil companies.  All of them.

President Bush went to Iraq to protect the world from Saddam Hussein.  Obama is over there allowing ISIS to overtake towns and leaving them shiny new American weapons.  But that is just not enough for Obama.  He will not be happy until America is overran by foreign radicals whose agenda lines up with his.

Thank goodness Ann Coulter delivered her next New York Times bestseller today.  Adios, America, tells of Obama’s plan to destroy America and turn it into a land of liberal darkness.

And it all starts with Texas.

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  1. Reply
    Dawn says

    It’s God! God is punishing Texass for all the bad legislation and efforts to twist the country into a marauding band of Christian taliban.

    • Reply
      chris says

      god doesn’t punish people right? god interacting with the world would be a removal of free will, which would render any actions for or against god meaningless. you can’t have it both ways.

  2. Reply
    Brice Derbecourt says

    Maybe it’s the great flooding again, and while we are all laughing, true Texans already built their arch to repopulate the earth in 2-3 years

    • Reply
      Clark Center says

      They don’t have to build one. They can borrow the one in St Louis.
      Spelling matters.

    • Reply
      Eric Morris says

      Spelling matters, so does capitalization. The name of our home planet is Earth. The dirt in your garden is earth. Our beleaguered world needs all the support we can muster, even the tiny gesture of a properly capitalized name. Shall we offer her this little token of dignity? Respect yo Mama.

  3. Reply
    Stu Pidasso says

    Thats all people complained about when Bush was in power, is Americas lust for Oil, soldiers protecting poppy fields to support a CIA war and the blood Bush was willing to spill. So now it’s Obamas fault we are in the middle east, far beyond Saddams execution? Which was in December of 2006, by the way. Obama was elected in 2008. Nice year or two pull out by Bush, since Saddams execution is all he wanted, right?

    • Reply
      Cam Russell says

      Obama’s hatred of America and Christianity allows him to travel through time somehow. Most people also blame him for the piss-poor reaction to hurricane Katrina.

  4. Reply
    emshaly says

    I’ll tell you why – because it’s not happening – it’s all just a reflection of a serious imbalance in your brain and you really must learn to let fear go. Life is too short to wrap yourself up in dark fantasies.

  5. Reply
    Joseph Kelly says

    So when none of this comes to pass, what will you do then? Retraction, apology… change your mind.
    Reason only works when you consider facts, not just the unverified narrative that fits your viewpoint.

  6. Reply
    Dana Delaney says

    We need to work together right now and begin resolving our fossil fuel crisis by ending the fracking and other earth-harmful operations going on all over the planet. We can’t work together if we continually criticize, debate and reject each other. The time to come together and unite as one is NOW! Leave the war mongering behind. Leave behind the petty differences of faith. Leave behind the political differences. Everyone has a right to be here. So if you can’t yet love one another, at least respect each other’s differences and work together. Thank you so much for listening to me. I am a 69 year old woman, retired now and this is my world view.

    • Reply
      Moose says

      There’s no such thing as globle warming I’ve got proof exon said there was’nt

  7. Reply
    MB says

    So, let’s see, in Texas, recently we have heard us called a hostile state, seen UN vehicles delivered, and train cars with prison type shackles. Why? Why are these items needed for practice drills? Kind of extreme supplies for practice drills…

  8. Reply
    Moose says

    Here we go again media playing people’s emotions about crap lets do away with all give always and spend more on drones for the safety of the American people. By the way isn’t bush from Texas? Maybe the word Catarina rings a bell why don’t you do something to contribute to society.

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