10,000 Syrian Refugees Arrive to New Orleans

The first of 10,000 Syrian refugees have arrived to New Orleans today.  Just hours after the European Union confirmed that a Syrian refugee was responsible for carrying out terror attacks in Paris, Obama is allowing Syrian refugees to arrive and move into America. FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather,...

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trudeau removes crosses from church

Liberal Darkness in Canada: New Prime Minister Trudeau Orders ‘Removal of Crosses and Indexing of Christians’

Only days after taking over Canada and purging the last of Canadian Christians from the government, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has enacted a fast string of policies that will cripple morality in Canada and cause the nation to become nothing but a faithless land of Liberal Darkness. Sources confirm...

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Russian Jet Shot Down By Turkey For Entering Air Space

A Russian jet en-route to Syria was shot down by Turkey.  Turkey has accused Russia of violating its airspace and witnesses confirm a huge explosion over Huraytan, in Northern Syria. According to Turkish officials, the nation went on high-alert after multiple Turkish pilots reported advanced Russian MIG-29 jets were locking...

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