trump sends american attack eagle

Donald Trump Sends American Bald Eagle after Canadian Snow Goose to Warn Canadians of American Dominance

Trump is reminding Canadians that their military is weak and they are only allowed to exist as a country because America allows it.  When Donald Trump takes office after the next presidential election, liberal hippy Justin Trudeau is going to have this image seared in his brain. President Trump will...

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Using His Satanic Tongue Obama Convinces American People To Vote For Hillary Clinton and Endorses Her For President

  President Obama has used his satanic powers against the good christian folks of America and convinced them to rally along with Hillary Clinton and husband Bill. Hillary is expected to win against Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the upcoming elections. Obama has used his satanic tongue to win...

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turkey downs russian plane

Obama Orders Turkey to ‘Destroy Russian Plane’, It Was ‘Destroying Too Many Terrorists’

New reports reveal that Barack Obama ordered NATO member Turkey to shoot down a Russian jet that was flying sorties throughout terror-rich regions of Syria.  The pilot flying the jet was like the ‘Red Baron’ of World War II, taking out dozens of targets a day. Now reports confirm Russia’s...

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